Leadership Excellence March 06th-10th 1 Dubai-UAE
Executive Coaching March 13th-24th 2 Instanbul-Turkey
Organizational Dev’t & Strategy March 13th-24th 2 Arusha-Tz
Workplace Safety& Security Awareness March 13th-17th 1 Arusha=Tz
Designing Strategies for Org.Service March 06th-10th 1 Arusha-Tz
Strategic Planning & Mgt April 17th-21st 1 Dubai-UAE
Corporate Governance March 13th-17th 1 Dubai- UAE
Leadership Excellence October 16th-20th-2023 1 Nairobi-Kenya
Protocol and Diplomacy March 13th-25th 2 Berlin-German
Corporate Governance August 07th-11th 1 Capetown-South Africa
Compensation,Benefits & Rewards Management October 16th-27th-2023 1 Nairobi-Kenya
Strategic Planning & Mgt October 16th-20th 1 Dubai-UAE
Executive Coaching November 13th-17th 1 Dubai-UAE
Public Policy Designing November 20th-24th 1 Arusha-Tz
Governance and Ethics December 11th-15th 1 Nairobi
Sustainable Procurement February 13th-17th 1 Nairobi
Procurement & Supply Chain Digitalization 30th January-03rd February 1 Nairobi
Contracts Management March 13th-17th 1 Instanbul-Turkey
World Bank Procurement November 6th-17th-2023 1 Nairobi-Kenya
Oil and Gas Contracting March 20th-24th 1 Nairobi
Managing the Tendering Process April 17th-21st 1 Dubai-UAE
Public Sector Procurement April 24th-28th 1 Arusha-TZ
Procurement Audit May 15th-19th 1 Nairobi-Kenya
e-Procurement June 26th-30th 1 Abuja-Nigeria
Oil and Gas Contracting August 07th-18th 2 Abuja-Nigeria
Oil and Gas Contracting September 04th-15th 2 Accra-Ghana
Procurement & Supply Chain Digitalization August 21st-25th 1 Dubai-UAE
World Bank Procurement September 25th-29th 1 Nairobi-Kenya
Sustainable Procurement October 16th-20th 1 Nairobi-Kenya
Advanced Transport Mgt November 13th-17th 1 Kampala-Ug
Sustainable Procurement December 11th-15th 1 Capetown-South Africa
Risk Mgt & Business Continuity February 13th-24th 2 Nairobi-Kenya
Advanced Tools & Techniques in Auditing February 13th-17th 1 Dubai-UAE
IT Security Audit March 13th-17th 1 Nairobi
Forensic & Investigative Audit April 24th-28th 1 Dubai
Combined Risk Assurance May 15th-19th 1 Dubai
Advanced Fraud Examination May 22nd-26th 1 Dubai
Internal Controls &Fraud Prevention June 05th-09th 1 Nairobi
Value for Money Audit February 06th-17th 2 Nairobi
Risk Mgt & Business Continuity May 08th-12th 1 Nairobi
Advanced Tools & Techniques in Auditing May 22nd-25th 1 Kampala-Ug
Risk Mgt & Business Continuity July 24th-28th 1 Nairobi
Risk Mgt & Business  Continuity August 21st-25th 1 Dubai
Advanced Auditing September 25th-29th   Capetown-South Africa
Fundamentals of Auditing October 09th-13th   Nairobi
Managing the Internal Audit Function October 23rd-27th   Kampala-Ug
Debt Management November 20th-24th   Arusha-Tz
Risk Mgt & Business Continuity December 04th-08th    Instanbul-Turkey
Combined Risk Assurance December 11th-15th   Nairobi-Kenya
Advanced Financial Modelling with VBA February 20th-24th 1 Dubai
Budget Preparation,Allocation & Forecasting February 13th-17th 1 Nairobi
Strategic Management Accounting March 13th-17th 1 Dubai
Budget Preparation,Allocation & Forescasting April 11th-14th 1 Nairobi
Advanced Financial Statements Analysis May 22nd-26th 1 Dubai
Public Sector Financial Mgt   1 Nairobi
Fiscal Analysis & Revenue Forecasting April 17th-21st 1 Dubai
Advanced Excel June 19th-23rd 1 Nairobi
Strategic Mgt Accounting June 19th-23rd 1 Pretoria-South Africa
Strategic Mgt Accounting July 03rd-07th 1 Pretoria-South Africa
Advanced MS Excel August 21st-01st September 2 Nairobi
Fiscal Analysis & Revenue Forecasting September 25th-29th 1 Capetown-South Africa
Advanced Asset Management October 23rd-27th 1 Dubai-UAE
Advanced Financial Modelling with VBA November 20th-24th 1 Istanbul-Turkey
Forensic Accounting December 11th-15th 1 Abuja-Nigeria
Cyber Security July 24th-28th 1 Singaphore
IT Audit August 21st-25th 1 Nairobi
Fundamentals of IT September 25th-29th 1 Pretoria-South Africa
Website Dev’t October 23rd-27th 1 Kampala-Ug
Information System Risk Analysis December 04th-08th  1 Nairobi-Kenya
Information System and Network Maintenance December 11th-15th 1 Dubai-UAE
Report Writing February 20th-24th 1 Kampala -Ug
Monitoring and Evaluation March 13th-17th 1 Dubai-UAE
Policy Management May 22nd-26th 1 Nairobi
Quality Management June 19th-23rd 1 Abuja-Nigeria
Project Planning August 21st-25th   Arusha-Tz
Project Risk Management October 23rd-27th 1 Nairobi
Fleet Management November 20th-24th 1 Nairobi
Monitoring  and Evaluation December 11th-15th 1 Nairobi
Digital Secretary February 13th-24th 1 Nairobi-Kenya
Skills Enhancement March 13th-17th 1 Nairobi-Kenya
Executive Secretary April 11th-14 th 1 Instanbul-Turkey
Mentoring & Coaching April 12th-28th 1 Washington-USA
IT & Office systems   1 Dubai-UAE
Finance and Administration April 12th-28th 2 Washington-USA
Finance and Administration April 12th-16th 1 Kigali-Rwanda
Effective Communication June 26th-30th 1 Nairobi
E-Records August 21st-25th 1 Nairobi
Mentoring & Coaching September 25th-29th 1 Nairobi
Finance & Administration October 23rd-27th 1 Nairobi
Skills Enhancement November 20th-24th 1 Arusha-Tz
Executive Secretary December 11th-15th 1 Dubai-UAE