Reasons to Choose Midaspire

  • Experienced Technical & Training Consultants At MIDASPIRE we maintain a competitive edge by hiring only the best people. Our people understand the nature of business and undertake needs assessments so that every solution selected is customized to best fit our clients’ needs
  • Leading Edge
    Midaspire has a strong network of strategic alliances in Uganda and internationally, which allows us to provide a blend of quality technical and training services for a variety of clients.
  • Quality of Service
    Our clients matter to us; they are the reason we exist; being able to consistently deliver requirements and exceed expectations is what keeps us going.
  • The Way We Work
    Working in partnership with you and your organization to meet your technical and training needs
    Our Focus is to assist you and your organization in maximizing the Effectiveness of your People while Managing the Costs through the implementation of Solutions Aligned to your Business Strategies.


You are welcome to Midaspire Consults Uganda Limited. For Excellence Training & Consultancy Services.

We are experts engaged in developing Human Capital for various industries across the globe.

The objectives for which the Company is established are:-

1. To provide advisory and technical consulting services to non- governmental and civil society organizations, private and public sector organizations, institutional capacity building and corporate governance.
2. To provide training in skills enhancement programs to governmental, non-governmental, public and private sector organizations, institutional capacity building and corporate governance.
3. To provide knowledge, skills and expertise to promote evidence –based decision making and provide utilization of indigenous talent while ensuring customer service satisfaction.
4. To provide knowledge in financial planning, auditing and accounting and other related accounting trainings.
5. To carry on business of tendering, contractual work in regard with providing casual workers.
6. To provide technical support to organization in information technology, human resource, finance, accounting, procurement, project/program management and monitoring and evaluation.